POPPELIN® is a “ made in Spain ” brand philosophy that was born seeking to create garments that are unique and different, fleeing from the little variety and novelty that we find today in the market. More risk, more appetizing and special things.
In addition, at POPPELIN® we are committed to making monthly capsules of very limited units, seeking exclusivity and responsible production, for which we use fabrics from dead stocks that allow us to make limited units of our garments and not mass produce accumulating stocks that damage so much. they do to our planet.
POPPELIN® has the firm intention of growing this philosophy of small local brands " made in Spain " of whim that produce in a democratic, artisanal, exclusive and sustainable way.
Only at Poppelin will you find a monthly capsule of very limited items that can be combined with each other to create endless looks that you can wear from day to night.
Hurry up! We make limited units and what ends does not come back!